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Allow Me to Introduce Myself

My name is Andrea Mattison.  I am passionate about family, life, fitness and nutrition.  I love Turbo Kickboxing and recently celebrated my 29th birthday.  When I’m not in the car commuting 3 hours each day to my “real” job, sleeping or spending some quality time with my husband, I’m zig-zagging, punching, turbo twisting and kicking to the beats of Turbo Fire.

Welcome to Round 29: the remix…where I share a mix of my thoughts on fitness, food and fashion and then remix them in a different way.

Please grab a bottle of water and join me for some motivating conversation about living life with a lot of Fitness and a few healthy remixes. Once you get the routine, I hope you jump in and enjoy the discussion about the little things that make life in round 29 and beyond entertaining, fabulous and fun!!


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