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Squeaky Clean Slate

At times, life delivers us a wake-up call-offering an opportunity to wipe off our slate and start anew.  That slate could be a relationship, career, location, or just a daily workout regimen.  At this moment n my life, the state is my twenties.   Facing the leap to 30 this year, I’ve committed to slough off old-habits like snoozing-and break new ground.

My squeaky Clean State starts today with a burst of motivation.  I love hitting the snooze button.  It’s my number one favorite thing to do when my alarm goes off at 4:30am.  I much rather lose 30 minutes getting ready in the morning and snooze 30 minutes longer.

Although, snoozing is one of my top favorite morning rituals, it is one of the biggest road blocks in my life course.  Snoozing results in rushing through the morning and heading off to work feeling like a hot mess.

Today, the slate is so fresh and so clean and I’m 100% motivated to fire up my mornings and overcoming the snooze button, because I want to be a happier, fitter and more accomplished me!

My Motivation: 

What’s your motivation to wipe your slate squeaky clean?


One response to “Squeaky Clean Slate

  1. Sandrella

    My “clean slate” starts Friday with a new job. Really like the YouTube video that you selected as a motivator, most of us could probably use a little of that no and again.

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