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Eating clean is not an easy task.  I would much rather have pizza, wine and ice cream every night of the week, than eat green vegetables and stay away from soft white carbs.  However, I know that eating clean is something that I must mix in with my eating habits and eventually make it a way of life.

As much as I love my Turbo Fire DVDs, I also love the coaching I’ve received from my Beach Body Coaches.  My coaches, Jay and Justine, are so motivating and encouraging to really make the clean eating lifestyle a style for life.  I’ve been told that 80% of dropping weight and feeling great about yourself is eating clean.

Working 8-10 hours a day, a three hour commute and mixing in some sleep and time with my husband, makes eating clean more challenging.  One of my short term goals over the summer is to master the clean eating philosophy.  First on the list, lunch.

So Fresh & So Clean

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