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I am one of those people who need a friendly reminder on a regular basis to breath.  Often I find myself wrapped up in work, home, time with my husband, in the car rushing to work or working out to the latest turbo round.  As I continue to grow older and wiser (at least I believe I’m growing wiser), I appreciate the moments when I have the time to breathe and relax.

A few of my favorite ways I love to break away from life and take a deep breath in to breathe:

  • Fresh Air.  Even if it is only for a few moments, fresh air allows me to calm down and relax.
  • Walk or Hike.  This is one of my favorite things to do, because it is easy and doesn’t require you to be in a specific place or equiptment to use.  All you need is a direction to head.  According to the Health Status Calculator, an average 135-pound woman will burn approximately 365 calories during a one hour hike. The hills are alive with the sound of calories burning. To find a trail near you, visit
  • Journaling.  I’ll admit I rearly have time to put pen to paper, but when I have a moment to journal a few thoughts on my mind, I feel like I’m headed in a new positive direction. Looking for a super cool personalized journal? has a wide variety of homemade journals.  This is one of my favorite journals from Borchisko.

2 responses to “Breathe

  1. Sandrella

    Breathing is an important thing. A friend of mine always reminded me to go to my breath and just breathe especially when I was stressed out. I think that your ideas for breathing activities are good and that the journal is beautiful too!

  2. shesaidwhat? ⋅

    You are so right about us needing to take the time to breathe. That is one of the things I love about doing yoga is that the focus is on your breathing since it drives everything. Oh and I love the journal recommendations, so cute!!

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