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Just A Number

How often do you think, It’s just a number?  This question can relate to a number of things in life we are experiencing: a birthday, a weight, a bank account and I’m sure you could think of a few more scenarios.

The biggest scenario for me is my weight.  I don’t know why, but it has always been about what the number on that little white scale has to say about me.  When I was in my pre-teens I remember it being about a number; any inch after 5 feet equals to an additional five pounds to a 100 pound base.  I know there are many methods, charts, and indicators to identify one’s health, body and weight, but this is the one that I always come back to evaluate my body.  I’m 5 feet 8 inches, so by this scale I should be 140 pounds; but it is always a struggle for me to stay at that number and I end up not enjoying life.  It takes months of fighting my own happiness to finally reach the point when the scale read that magic number telling me that “I can now be happy at 140 pounds.”

Sure, when I am 140 pounds I absolutely love the fact that I am a number on the scale, but does it bring life happiness?  No way!!  I only constantly have to think about what I can and cannot eat, I have to think about a certain number of calories and on top of it all; I’m constantly so hard on myself, taking life too seriously.  I know that I am not fat and that overall I am in shape.  I can run, bike, swim, hike and most importantly complete my Turbo Fire workouts!!

I believe there is a balance, which is what I’m on a journey to discover through this year building up to my 30’s; (however, I will probably be on this journey much past my 30’s).  So back to balance, I do believe that being aware of what you eat/drink, how much you exercise you get in a day are all important aspects to maintaining a happy and positive long life!!  Really, that is the point of eating and exercising; to be able to live a long a healthy life with little to no preventable health complications.

I’m writing this post, because I exercised hard all week and ate what I believe clean eating.  This includes waking up at 4 am daily, before a 10 hour work day and a good 2-3 daily commute, four out of the five days this week.  Overall, I thought I have a solid effort to reach my weight goal I set out for myself.  Before this post, I would have mentioned that I’m sad to share I didn’t meet my number.  Now, I can say that I’m raising a glass to me, because gave it my all, 110% daily to change my life for the better, because I am awesome!

We won’t always meet our goals by the date we set in life, but as long as we are on the path toward that goal is why we toast to us and treat ourselves with love and care.  The more we are hard on ourselves and restrict ourselves from enjoying the gift of life, the unhappier we will be in this fun and fabulous journey called life.

Here is a toast to you, for not allowing a number control your life or get you down, but embracing all that life has for you: love, joy, laughter, happiness, adventures, friends, family and so much more!!


One response to “Just A Number

  1. Sandrella ⋅

    I can so relate. I have always been obsessed with the number; yes obsessed. I am constantly aware of what I eat, drink, what exercise that I will have time to do, etc. I have been this way since high school. It is funny that I focus on this especially since I weigh about 6 pounds less now than I did in high school. I will try to remember your toast, forget about the numbers and say “Cheers to me!”

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