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Crash and Burn

Crash and Burn.  At least once a month my plane crashes and burns into a day of endless junk food eating in my pajamas watching my guilty pleasure shows I’ve DVR’d for the past 30 days.  I have a love/hate relationship with these days as I love to do nothing and give in to my guilty pleasures, but absolutely hate the way they make me feel when all is said and done.

On the road to turning 30 and looking at my life for changes and challenges, I’m committing to abolish the phrase Crash and Burn from my vocabulary.  It’s a phrase that rolls so smoothly off my tongue with so little guilt.  I’ve learned to accept this phrase for what it is and have accepted the fact that I deserve a cheat day.  The reality is, is that I do not deserve a cheat day.  A cheat meal? Sure.  But I do not deserve a full cheat day.

Here are my top five solutions to turn my Crash and Burn experience to a Me, Myself and I day.

  1. Move at my own pace, this includes sleeping in til 9am.
  2. Watching the news while drinking coffee for 30 minutes, but after the 30 minutes is over it’s time to move onto my priority list.
  3. Go for a walk to get the blood flowing.
  4. Open a book.
  5. Giving myself the freedom to dig into a guilty pleasure.  If this is watching my DVR show, then I will be drinking a glass of wine while folding clothes.
The true key is, is no matter how you choose to relax and give yourself some slack, do it in a way that you don’t Crash and Burn and waste a day away.  If you do have a Crash and Burn day, remember: do not beat yourself up if you have an intentional or unintentional cheat day, but equally important to make good choices when it’s over.

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