Happiness is like a Butterfly

“Happiness is like a butterfly: the more you chase it, the more it will elude you, but if you turn your attention to other things, it will come and sit softly on your shoulder…”– Thoreau

Just like a beautiful butterfly, I have been chasing for way too many years.  Chasing after milestones, searching for those special moments, shooting for the moon and when I missed I also missed landing among the stars.  And  as I’m less than three months 30; I’m beginning to realize that I’m not as happy as I think I truly am or want to be.  All the “things” I thought would make me happy in life, hasn’t made me any happier of a person.  In reality, I think my pursuit of happiness, has actually been the opposite.

As all things I thought would bring me happiness like a beautiful butterfly, really cannot be found when searching; but can be found by learning what I can do to become my own beautiful butterfly.

As researchers have found that life circumstances are only a small part of happiness, because people are quickly to adapt to positive changes in life and have forgotten what they’ve always wanted…they feel the same as they did before and they start searching for something new; which then becomes an endless cycle repeating itself over and over again never leading to true happiness.

I see what researchers have found about happiness in my life and it is time to STOP this cycle and understand that happiness will never be found, it cannot be chased it cannot be a forced emotion, but instead it is something that comes within ME.

And I believe that soon I will find my happiness.


Pinterest Perception

Late last year (2011), I discovered Pinterest.  I set up an account and never touched it again, until my friends started talking about it.  Talking about all of the amazing ideas, quotes, fabulous fashion, inspiration and motivation!!  If you don’t know what this site is all about, well let me share with you that is one incredible site!!  It allows people to pull, organize and share all the beautiful things they find on never-ending world-wide web and “pin” these things to boards they create.  AMAZING!!

But what is more amazing is when I discovered my Pinterest Perception.  What is this you ask??  Well, it is looking at something you’ve been working at for nearly your entire life and discover your perception all of a sudden change!  

Allow me to explain.  At the age of 12 is when I believe I began struggling with issues of my self-image.  It was in the sixth grade when a sixth grade hottie laughed and pointed at my legs telling me how fat they were.  It was in the sixth grade when I was probably the tallest kids in my class and was on the edge of hitting a triple digit weight of 100 pounds, while my peers were all 85-90 pounds.  At this age, as I’m not even a teenager, I had already developed a poor body image.  But what I most recently discovered is that was all my mis-perception.

Like birds of a feather flock together, most of my friends are active, physically fit and generally have many “likes” in common.  Pinterest is no exception.  You see, this is where I discovered my Pinterest Perception, which is the change is the way I see myself.  For nearly 17 years, I’ve measured and obsessed the weight on the scale.  I had allowed this number on the scale to define me as either normal or a failure.

The Non-Stop Noise

Noise is everywhere and never looks the same.  The alarm clock.  The radio. The car honking at the car next to you.  The 10 million emails that clutter your inbox.  The dozens of voicemails found in your home phone, cell phone and work phone.  The never ending to-do list.  The beautiful models and actresses and actors on the covers of the thousands of magazines.  The media.

According to the businessdictonary.com; noise is defined by: 1. Communication: Anything that interferes with, slowsdown, or reduces the clarity or accuracy of a communication. Thus, superfluous data or words in amessage are noise because they detract from its meaning.

The noise in my life is non-stop.  It interferes, slows down and reduces the clarity of my beliefs.  The non-stop noise is unnecessary and has become a huge distraction is the true meaning of life.  The noise that I want to silence is the media.  It is loud and obnoxious.  It’s like a game of Life on crack.  The rules of the game are simple: to follow the guidelines of the media.  And to win the game you must maintain the standards of following 24 hours/7 days a week:

  • Skinny: a size smaller than 90% of the population
  • Style: rock’n the latest louboutins
  • Beauty: hottest hair (according to http://fashion.elle.com/ Rihanna spends about $23,000/week on her hair)
  • Wheels: The fastest car
  • Crib: largest mansion, pimped out with 10 million acers, 5 hundred rooms, 10 pools and a 2-story garage
  • Toys: at least one of each: boat, plane, motorcycle
So maybe this is an exaggeration, but seriously I’m so sick of the amount of attention that actors/actresses, models and reality stars are given in a single day.  I don’t doubt that these people who have the media spotlight shining on them have a high volume of noise and great amount of pressure to move to the beat of the media.  Today I’m turning down the volume.
The noise will always be in this world.  It is just a matter of turning down the noise, to hear your own voice.  The voice telling you what is beautiful and sexy.  The voice inside reminding you how unique and special you are in this world.  The voice reminding you that you make a difference in the lives of those around you.  The voice that tells you never to give up in what you believe in.  The voice that tells you no matter what cards you are dealt in life, they are the cards that will allow you to do anything your heart desires.  The truth is, there will always be noise in life.  We have the control to set the volume.
I really must go to turn up the volume on Turbo Fire 30!!